Automatic Labelling, Vision Inspection, Coding & Marking

Delivering complete industrial solutions for over 25 years. We are experts in applying automatic labelling, vision inspection, label printing, industrial coding and marking, barcode scanning/verification and robotics to improve production lines.

Barcode Verifier Solutions

Our expertise encompasses a broad spectrum of solutions, including artificial vision systems, verifiers, code readers and custom software development.

Automated Quality Control Solutions & Machine Vision

Leader in artificial vision solutions for the industry 4.0, distinguished by our collaboration with multinational corporations and strict adherence to quality standards.

Our commitment extends beyond product sales. We provide a comprehensive approach, including full support during the implementation process and ongoing monitoring to ensure exceptional results in the optimization of production lines.

Bespoke Automated Solutions

Providing top quality industrial automation services to a wide spectrum of industries. We provide a turnkey service in the design/build and delivery of bespoke industrial automated solutions.

AI Software Platform

A next-generation computer vision solution based on machine learning and deep neural networks for quality control. AI software platform that automates quality control processes while increasing its accuracy and reducing the setup time, enabling high-end quality control to all kinds of industries. Companies may experience cost reduction ranging from 10% to 30% after installing QC systems.

Engineering peace of mind

About AIS Group

AIS Group is a leading provider of highly technical and engineered solutions, comprising five specialised companies: AIS Ltd, AIS Vision, AIS Scanology, AIS Automation, and Rosepetal.

The AIS Group of companies has been at the forefront of delivering innovative solutions to industries such as pharmaceutical, medical device, food & beverage, and manufacturing for over 25 years.

With a dedicated team of 70+ professionals, AIS Group delivers cutting-edge industrial automation solutions worldwide that redefine manufacturing processes.